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Mission Statement
This site was established to provide reliable information on the popular offers of free iPods and free Flat Screen TVs and monitors. There is a lot speculation out there that this is a scam, but based on our research, we do not believe so.
Please read FAQ below for more information.

  • New Items
    Watch for new individual coins as well as collecting supplies coming this week.
    Closed for 2 weeks
    Please note that all purchases made between January 14th and January 29th will be shipped on January 30th. We apologize for inconvenience.
    It took a while, but we are back after the damaging hurricane. Make your purchases now!
    Due to flooding in the aftermath of hurricane Irene, we will not be shipping new orders in at least a couple of weeks. If you already placed your order, you can either wait or contact customer service for a refund. We apologize for inconvenience.
    Play ball! Rockies are here
    Now shipping to Canada!
    On the shopping cart page, simply select your country from the dropdown list.
    • No.

      • Short answer, it varies. It can be as short as a couple of weeks, or as long as a month and a half.

    • Yes, they have other sites. Currently, there are 8 sites that Gratis runs:

      • LG Electronics 19" LCD Flat-Panel Monitor L1951S-BN

    AOL (with MusicNet) Free Music Downloads for 30 days from MusicNet, AOL 9.0 Optimized free for 1099 hours for 50 Days.
    Video Professor Get a free computer learning CD-ROM from the Video Professor. Learn Windows, Excel, FrontPage, Powerpoint, etc. (need to pay shipping & handling, about $7)

    INFORMATION on the company that provides the free offers
    Gratis Internet
    Gratis has successfully engineered other free product giveaway promotions, such as DVDs, video games, and yes, even condoms. Read this report at Better Business Bureau. is not affiliated with Gratis Internet, Apple or any other company mentioned on this site.

    All names and trademarks, including iPod, Apple, Gratis Internet, and are property of the trademark owners. Copyright ( © 2004